Pizzeria Dessi

Desi pizzeria

Pizzeria Dessi

Pizzeria Desi is located in the San Salvario district, not precisely the most touristic district in the city. Its public relations aren’t exactly excellent either, which is a shame because it’s a colorful immigrant neighborhood with cultural wealth, graffiti, superb pubs, and many authentic shops. There are several sites in the area worth a visit and several restaurants that foodies will not want to give up. But if you’ve already arrived in the area and are looking for a quick meal, this pizzeria could be a good solution.

On the menu, you can, of course, find pizza. If you are wondering which style it is, it’s a pan pizza, the thicker one. There is also antipasti, Caprese salad, and other Italian dishes. This can also be an excellent opportunity to try a printa – a type of crepe or thin pizza made from chickpea dough and known mainly in Italy.

Desi has opening hours that you should pay attention to. The place opens at 11:00 for those who eat lunch earlier than usual. They continue to serve dough and salads to customers until 14:30 – then they close. So if you are used to eating lunch at exactly 4:00 p.m., Desi Pizzeria won’t be there for you.

But their day does not end here. At 18:00, we open again for dinner. The pizza trays will continue to go in and out of the oven until 11:30 p.m. This means that if you want to put something in your stomach after a night out that included, perhaps, a little too much drinking – Bedsi Pizzeria will be able to help you with that.

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Pizza, Italian, Vegetarian

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