Scannabue Caffe Restaurant

Scannabue Caffe Restaurant

San Celebrio

In the San Celebrio district – which in recent years has been transformed. From a particularly unpopular neighborhood into a rejuvenating, colorful and exciting area, even for tourists – there is Scanboa restaurant.

This is a restaurant with a contemporary design and a fairly standard appearance. Lots of business people in nice clothes are coming to have lunch. There is almost no hint that this traditional restaurant serves old Italian food. And does it well.

So good that it entered the Michelin guide under the exciting category of “restaurants that serve simple but full of flair food at a price under forty euros.” And if the thought of Michelin and less than forty euros doesn’t make you hungry, probably nothing will.

The menu, as mentioned, is Italian, with a firm emphasis on the Piedmont region. And the food served there does not try to challenge too much or to be clever. It arrives on the plate in the best of local tradition and at a level that any Italian grandmother would approve of.

You can also eat tagliatelle in pesto, foie gras mousse, ravioli stuffed with various types of meat, or slow-cooked veal cheek. Other dishes that bring out the best Italian cuisine. There are also quite a few fish dishes to benefit fans of the genre. The desserts are also successful, and the wine list is awe-inspiring and brings the best local produce.

Scanboa, like many places in the city, is not open continuously, but only at certain hours, which, according to the owner, are the hours when you should eat.

You can dine here between 12:30 and 15:00. The restaurant opens its doors for dinner from 19:00 until 22:30 on weekdays and until 23:00 on weekends. If you intend to have dinner at Scanbua, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance. At noon the chances of arriving and getting a place are better.

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Italian, Mediterranean

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in and out


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