Travel insurance to Italy

Travel insurance to Italy
Travel insurance to Italy

Italy is one of the most sought after destinations in Europe, especially among quite a few Israelis. The magic of Eretz Magaf, which is amazing in its beauty, is that it appeals to and is suitable for everyone and presents a wide variety of tourist attractions, which never end. Italy is wonderful as a destination for a romantic vacation, for a honeymoon, for a family vacation, it is perfect as part of a culinary trip and of course as a vacation that combines extreme and challenging sports including mountain climbing, bicycle tours, diving, skiing, skydiving and rafting.

If you have decided that Italy is your next vacation destination, it is recommended that you, and even before you start imagining yourself sitting in a gondola to the sounds of romantic songs and cruising through one of the canals of Venice or visiting the impressive Vatican Museum, take care to purchase travel insurance for Italy, which will provide you with a safety net in case you need medical treatment or in the event of damage to property in your possession. If you are going to Italy for a trip that does not include extreme activities and high adrenaline and you do not want to spend large sums on travel insurance to Italy, you can be satisfied with basic insurance without extensions to the policy. However, if the purpose of your trip is excitement, extreme sports and challenges for which there is a high risk of injuries and medical intervention, it is recommended to purchase extensions to the basic insurance policy for Italy to get optimal coverage for these activities and it is very important not to underestimate this. Extensions to insurance that provide a response to extreme activities will usually include evacuation of a vehicle, rescues, receiving intensive care, life-saving surgeries, high-cost treatments and a variety of other services that are specifically suited to the activity for which you are flying to Italy.

Remember – sometimes the cheapest option finally becomes the most expensive and will include very high expenses and financial costs for medical treatments, tests, medicines, medical evacuations and the like.

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Competition between insurance companies

The insurance industry in Israel is one of the largest and strongest industries in the Israeli economy and includes dozens of insurance companies that provide services for the various needs of customers. When it comes to travel insurance to Italy, the insurance companies present various insurance routes adapted to the customers’ requirements and provide them with the ultimate coverage in order to fly with peace of mind and a carefree heart. No matter what happens in Italy, they are protected and covered in terms of insurance. The broad offer of the insurance companies in front of the travelers’ demand for travel insurance to Italy, leads to great competition between the insurance companies and at the same time to lowering prices and receiving more attractive packages for travel insurance to Italy. Most of the basic packages hardly differ between the insurance companies and provide coverage for medical treatment at the destination (in Italy), hospitalization costs, medications, a flight to receive medical treatment in Israel and other coverages.

Important coverages in the insurance policy

Italy is one of the largest countries in Europe and has more than 60 million citizens. One of the disadvantages in European countries when it comes to health services is the high cost of medical services, so it is necessary to be equipped with travel insurance that is specifically suitable for you, one that will provide the most suitable answer to the various situations that may happen during the trip. When you are offered the policy, you must make sure that the insurance includes coverage for surgeries, prolonged hospitalizations, dental treatment if necessary, physical therapy, medical advice, receiving vaccinations, urgent transplants and other coverages of utmost urgency, which if necessary will result in extremely high costs and the termination of treatment in case of non-compliance in them.

As far as insurance coverage for extreme sports in Italy is concerned, each insurance company defines, itself, the field of extreme sports, so it is important to check whether that definition corresponds to the extreme activity you intend to do in Italy. In addition, travel insurance to Italy should include beyond the medical aspect, also insurance for personal equipment (luggage) that you intend to take with you. In most cases, this is valuable equipment (sometimes a professional camera, a laptop, a mobile phone, equipment for the field, etc.) and hence the importance of an appropriate policy to protect it.

Travel insurance costs to Italy

The price of travel insurance to Italy, which includes basic insurance coverage, will be an average of $2.50 per day and its price will increase significantly when the trip includes challenging extreme activities, which will require extensions to the insurance. In this case the estimated cost of the insurance will be 10-12 dollars per day of vacation. Take into account the fact that the insurance companies need you, the main share of the insurance companies’ profits comes from travel insurance, so take advantage of this both to lower the insurance prices and to get as many coverages and extensions as possible without additional payment.

Tips for buying travel insurance abroad

When you come to purchase travel insurance to Italy, conduct a market survey on the healthcare system in Italy, check hospitalization prices, medications, various medical treatments and more. After you have gathered all the information you need, you will know what to demand from the insurance company and also what to pay attention to in the policy offered to you. Also, check the entire policy from beginning to end, including all exception clauses which can be a minefield in some cases and lead you to a financial abyss, which would have been avoided if you had taken a few minutes to read it. In addition, for those of you who suffer from chronic medical problems, you must inform the insurance agent about the medical problem you are suffering from so that it will be included in the policy you purchased. Thus, in the event of a worsening of the medical condition, you will receive a medical response that is fully covered by the policy.

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