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Rome, one of the most romantic cities in the world, is the eternal capital of Italy which combines religion, long history and a combination of old and new. The area of ​​the city of Rome is large and includes the Vatican State. In the city itself you can admire the magnificent Colosseum, impressive basilicas, illuminated and spectacular squares and of course how can you do without the food of the Italian cuisine which never disappoints and is rich in flavors and aromas reserved for the city of Rome. One of the more prominent proverbs in the context of the city of Rome is: “In Rome behave like a Roman” when one of the prominent features of the Romans is the protection and preservation of the state and the rights. In your context, the tourists, your duty is to protect yourself when you come to fly to Rome and make sure to purchase travel insurance that will provide you with protection and cover any medical treatment you may need, during your stay in the city and will also protect your valuable personal property.

The attractions in Rome are divided into two types: attractions that are typical of a European city that include museums, chapels, historical sites, entertainment centers and nightlife. The second type of attractions are for the extreme enthusiasts among you and include bicycle trips outside or inside the city, tandem skydiving, and how is it possible without driving a formula car befitting the country that gave birth to the super brand Ferrari. In terms of travel insurance to Rome, as long as it is not a trip that combines challenging and extreme activities with a risk of injury, you can be satisfied with the basic and familiar insurance which in most cases will provide the answer you will need. But if you are headed for an experience of excitement, extreme and high adrenaline, you cannot be satisfied with basic insurance due to the risk of the activity and the high danger of physical injury, so you will have to expand the travel insurance policy to Rome which will also include coverage for this type of activity.

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Making a comparison between the insurance companies

The field of insurance is diverse and wide and includes insurance companies and private agents who fight day and night for every customer interested in travel insurance to Rome and compile insurance policies for them that will suit their needs and the nature of their activities during the trip. Over the years, as in any other industry, in the insurance industry there is constant competition between the various companies, with the aim of being the leading company in the industry, a status which of course affects the profitability of the company. As a result, you, as customers, are advised to negotiate with several insurance companies at the same time, with the aim of obtaining the best travel insurance policy for Rome which will provide you with maximum insurance coverage at minimum cost.

Important coverages in the insurance policy

Rome is one of the largest cities in Italy and Europe as a whole, it has about 2.5 million inhabitants who have to deal with a health system that is modern, high-quality and good, but is considered very expensive and not suitable for everyone from an economic point of view, hence the paramount importance of purchasing travel insurance to Rome before your trip, which will save you In the event of an emergency, high medical costs that you will most likely not be able to meet, thus preventing you from receiving the medical treatment you will need. The most popular and basic travel insurance for Rome offered by all insurance companies, is suitable for those who come to the city to take a leisurely stroll, to be impressed by it and the various tourist destinations and do not intend to undertake a strenuous and quite challenging activity. For those of you who are interested in experiencing up close the challenging side of the city of Rome, lovers of extremes and thrills, you are recommended to purchase, in addition to the basic insurance, travel insurance extensions to Rome which will provide full coverage for the nature of the activity with an increased risk of physical injuries. At the same time, check that in the policy you are planning to purchase, there is a section regarding valuable personal property and equipment that you intend to take with you to Rome and it must be protected against theft or damage.

Travel insurance costs to Rome

The price of basic travel insurance to Rome usually does not exceed NIS 10 per day and there are companies that offer insurance at lower prices. The insurance policy should be checked carefully and see if the coverages that the insurance company offers us in the policy are in line with the nature of the trip that we plan to do and also provide full coverage for our needs. Naturally, with regard to performing challenging activities in Rome, the insurance price will rise accordingly and will amount to several tens of shekels per day and will include the appropriate extensions such as rescue, evacuation of the vehicle, intensive care, urgent surgeries and a variety of other coverages suitable for extreme sports and extreme activities.

Tips for purchasing travel insurance for Rome

When you are about to purchase travel insurance for Rome, conduct a market survey, check prices and a variety of insurance plans and choose the policy that best suits your needs. Also, the priority is to conduct a short check on the costs of health services in Rome in order to check whether the policy provided by the insurance company will cover the costs of the medical treatment. If not, we informed the insurance agent about this in order to improve the offer. In addition, if you suffer from a medical problem, disability or any other medical data, inform the insurance agent about this and demand that the policy include coverage for the same medical problem that you suffered from before leaving the country. If you do not report this to the insurance agent, insurance coverage will not be provided if you require treatment or hospitalization in Rome for an aggravation of the medical problem you are suffering from.

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