Car Rental in Tuscany

Tuscany is a lovely province in Italy where about 3.8 million people live, and as you probably know, the capital of Tuscany is the wonderful Florence (which used to be the capital of Italy as a whole). Much has been written about the beauty of Tuscany and in modern times we can also see it starring in countless films, series and books. In addition, if you are looking for the most beautiful calendar for your office, it will probably include the Tuscan landscape photos. If you’re planning to go to Tuscany, especially if it’s your first time there, and you’re wondering how you can see everything that interests you – you should know that it all starts with a rental car. Unlike a week’s visit to a city like Rome, during which you will not want a car at all, when you go to spend time in a magical region like Tuscany, a car is the most convenient choice. Although there are wonderful trains and buses, there is no doubt that the greatest freedom will be given to you by a rented car, especially if it is comfortable, big enough and one that includes all the necessary insurances.

car rentals in tuscany

Where do you go in Tuscany?

First, you should know that you can choose where to pick up your rental car in Tuscany: from the city center (any city in the province) and from the various airports (such as Florence or Pisa airport). Second, it is highly recommended to plan your trip in advance, in order to make the best use of your time and not travel many kilometers for nothing. The first city you should visit in Tuscany is Florence and from there you can continue to Arezzo, which is about 80 km south-east of Florence. It has a lovely medieval square, a Roman museum and also a lovely amphitheater, so there is no doubt that a visit here will be worth the The investment. Another option is to leave Florence with your rental car directly to Gaiole, which is only about 40 km southeast of Florence. This city is also only about 15 km from Siena, so you can combine a visit to these two places in one day.

Chianti region, a place that must be known closely

It is highly recommended to pass through the Chianti region and discover that Chianti is not only the name of a wine, but also of a charmingly beautiful region in the heart of Tuscany. This area stretches between Florence and Siena and the main city in this area is Greve, and here too you should park the rental car for a moment, go for a walk in the place and be impressed by its spectacular beauty. Of course, in Garba, even though it is relatively small, you will also find authentic places to eat so that you will also be satisfied from a culinary point of view. As you have probably seen in many movies, the real experience you can enjoy in the Chianti region is to simply go for a walk on the narrow roads, stop at any winery you find interesting and taste the best wines that Italy has to offer. What’s more, it is advisable to remember to leave a driver on duty, since driving around the Chianti region after a few glasses of wine is not recommended.

Other towns worth stopping at on the way

It is very worthwhile to stop in a few other special and unique places for Tuscany, such as: Montepulciano, which is about 124 km southeast of Florence. If you happen to drink a wine labeled Montepulciano, you will find that in this case, as in the case of Chianti, the name is actually the name of the region. Other interesting things that you can enjoy if you come to Montepulciano are its wonderful cheeses and its famous pork. If you also feel like pampering yourself at the spa, you can combine a stop in the Montecatini Terme area. This charming town is mainly known for The pampering spa treatments it offers, so you should also stop here for the night and enjoy special hotels that offer the perfect combination of good food, scenery, and relaxing spa treatments.

San Gimignano (San Gimignano) – a small town with magnificent towers

It is difficult to talk about a trip by car in the Tuscany region and not mention San Gimignano as well, since it is a small town, but famous, beautiful and definitely worth a stop. The architecture here is in the medieval style and there are towers that can be seen from afar, already when you approach the place with your car. In addition, if you are a white wine lover, San Gimignano is the place to sip a famous and extremely delicious white wine, as only the Italians know how to make.

Rented car – the possibility to do “star” trips

If you are still debating between renting a car and traveling by train or bus, you should know that it is best to get to know Tuscany with a rental car. First, there are quite a few car rental companies that you can choose from and secondly, the prices are relatively affordable, even in the peak of the season. Also, you can always add a navigation system to the car, which means that it will be easy and simple for you to get from place to place. It is true that we all have Waze on our mobile phones today, but in the mountains of this region of the country, the reception is not always there. In contrast to a trip by train, which limits you in terms of times and weight you can carry, in a rented car you are “your own master.” You can choose when to get up in the morning, where, where to go and when to return to the hotel or villa that you will rent for the whole family in Tuscany. Most of the tourists who come to know the magic of Tuscany with a rented car choose to do “star trips” and the truth is that there is a lot of logic in this. You rent yourself a spectacular Tuscan stone house/villa, and every day you take a short drive to an interesting city, town or village along the way and return to spend the night in the same place. Tuscany is one of the most charming regions in Italy and it is very likely that after your first time there, you will not be able to wait for the next trip.