A vacation in Italy – three great suggestions for itineraries

Italy is considered one of the most favorite tourist destinations for tourists from Israel, and as such dozens of flights depart for it every week, including families with children, loving couples, groups and also backpackers who want to enjoy the abundance of sites, attractions and the extraordinary culinary experience that the Land of the Boot offers its visitors. Happily, the types of vacations in Italy are many and varied, so whether it’s an urban vacation, a romantic winery trip in Tuscany or an adrenaline-filled vacation around water parks and amusement parks – a vacation in Italy includes everything, and in a big way.

In this article, you will get crazy suggestions for three fun itineraries of a week in the land of the boot. You can extend or shorten the routes depending on the group of participants, the season of the year and the budget you want to devote to the trip. Since such a vacation may not be cheap, it is recommended to plan the route carefully, order the tickets for the various attractions in advance and reserve accommodations accordingly.

In addition, we at Simple Italy believe that comfort has no price – on such trips where you may be on the road for a long time and especially if you are traveling in a family group or traveling in the cold winter months, it is recommended to rent a car that will allow you to get around easily, without being at the mercy of public transportation. It is also recommended to order the vehicle in advance and to have appropriate insurance that also includes third party damages, protection against accidents and theft and other sources in Bishin.



Track 1: A family week in Rome and its immediate surroundings

Rome is a great city for a family vacation in an urban atmosphere because it has many and varied tourist sites, ones that will suit both young and old, and it doesn’t matter if you are history buffs, love architecture and landscapes, lovers of museums and science or just enjoy walking through the alleys and parks – Rome has everything and everything in abundance.

However, being in one place day after day in the bosom of the family, as interesting as it may be, can be a bit too much for many and that’s why we chose the following route carefully so that after every day in the vibrant city you will make a refreshing foray to a wonderful destination that is not far away. ready? taking off.

Day 1 – Once upon a time… the beginning of Rome

This day will be dedicated to the historical sites that are on the list of must-see sites that every tourist must see on his first visit to the city: the Capitoline Hill and the Capitoline Museums, Venice Square where you can stop for a break, the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and of course – the legendary Colosseum.

Day 2 – Tivoli

One of the most beautiful cities in Italy, its location at the foot of the Apennines allows its visitors to enjoy spectacularly beautiful views. The must-see sites for this visit are of course the ancient villas that tell the story of the city – Villa Adriana, Villa Gregoriana and Villa da Este.

Day 3 – Make a wish in the fountains of Rome

Route of squares and fountains: like any self-respecting European city, Rome is saturated with beautiful fountains and impressive squares behind which are fascinating stories and wonderful artists – Piazza del Popolo and its tourist centers, Piazza di Spagna, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and the Fountain of the Four Rivers.

Day 4 – Ossetia

An ancient suburb of Rome located next to a historic port, with old buildings and remains from the time of ancient Rome and the Middle Ages. Since most of the touristic places are within walking distance of each other, make your visit to Ossetia Free Style or as they say – through your feet. One thing must not be missed – a drink or a light snack in front of the sea.

Day 5 – Vatican City

Although it is considered the smallest country in the world, the Vatican City is one of the most important places for Catholics and a visit to Rome without visiting the Vatican simply does not count. In the Vatican City it is recommended to visit St. Peter’s Square and the nearby basilica where he is buried, the Vatican Garden and of course the Vatican Museums.

Day 6 – Orvieto

One of the most picturesque and colorful places within reasonable driving distance from Rome and a perfect destination for lovers of landscapes and history. The dramatic landscape, volcanic rock formations and magnificent historic buildings make Orvieto a magical place. Don’t miss the visit to St. Peter’s Well and the Etruscan caves.

Day 7 – Completing gaps, shopping and some rest

If there is a site you missed or skipped due to lack of time, weather or any other reason – now is the time to complete the visit. In addition, if you have not yet purchased souvenirs for your loved ones – fortunately in Rome there are quite a few shops, malls and markets, then go wild. And if you managed everything – a massage didn’t kill anyone.

Route 2: Water and amusement parks in northern Italy

Anyone who lives in Israel, or even visited for a short period of time in the summer months, will testify that the heat in the Holy Land from May to September and sometimes a little later can be unbearable. Just like that. On days like this, there is always the option to close the doors and windows, turn on the air conditioner at full volume and think about winter, but another option is to adopt the phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them” (in a free translation) – or in simple words, instead of avoiding the heat – Adopt him!

Visiting water parks will totally do the trick and the hotter it is outside, the cooler and more pampering the pool will feel. And speaking of parks, there is nothing like the thrill and adrenaline that a quality amusement park brings with it, one that has slides that make the little hairs on the hands stand up and the heart beat hard.

Below is a route that goes through the best parks in the north of Italy, all you have to do is board a flight to Florence or Venice and go to Harpkea.

Italia in Miniatura

Mini Israel? So like that, but much, much better. About 300 miniature fish of famous sites in Europe alongside interactive activities, an observation point and more.


One of the largest amusement parks in Italy with crazy roller coasters, a giant wheel, a pirate bay and a ride on the Epileo. In addition, there is a wonderful water park with a water train that should not be missed.

Caneva Aquapark

An amazing water park is lots of water slides and facilities for all ages. The park also has a lake, rivers and a bay with corals.


A perfect park for families with facilities for adults and children. The park is divided into four complexes – Adventure, Adrenaline, Fantasy and Aquarium, all of which have fun facilities, performances and activities.

Movieland Studios

An amazing theme park dedicated entirely to the world of cinema. In the park you will enjoy facilities (including extreme facilities for the bravest), a set of photographs and above all hear many, many fascinating anecdotes.


Welcome to the world of water that will leave you with a taste for more. The site has facilities for the little ones as well as the big ones in the group, fun slides, sports lessons in the pool and a spa area. Who needs more than that?


If you’ve always dreamed of meeting your childhood cartoon heroes live – this is the place to visit. Tons of facilities including those that the little ones will enjoy, music performances and also a food court are waiting for you in Laulandia.


Get your lasso ready because you’re on your way to the Wild West. In Cowboy Land you will get to know the Indian tribes and horse riders, enjoy an exciting trip to the heart of a coal mine and meet magnificent animals.

Route 3: A romantic trip following the wines and wineries of Tuscany

Italy is known for its excellent cuisine, which in the eyes of many is considered the best in the world and we at Simple Italy will not disagree with that. But what many miss, especially those who first visited the land of the boot as a child or young teenager, are precisely the local drinks and to be precise – the very fine Italian wines.

how do you say? Wine went in, a secret came out? not wrong For couples who want to enjoy a particularly romantic trip in Italy, we recommend the so-called “wine route”. A fun, delicious, beautiful and intoxicating route that passes through the most magical places this wonderful country has to offer.

Tuscany’s wine road passes through farmland, many of which are family owned, where fine vines grow that are considered among the best in the world. The soil in this area is characterized by a precise mineral composition which, combined with the weather in the area, yields the perfect grapes for the production of successful wines that are second to none.

The road itself includes 14 road sections with vineyards and wineries, in each of which you can stop, take part in a guided tour and also enjoy tastings, which you can also combine with the local menu, which usually includes locally produced cheeses and fresh fruits. In addition to these, along the way you will notice grape stands, liquor stores and restaurants that just the thought of them makes us drool.

Where does the road go? As mentioned, this is a recognized and official route. The route passes through many towns and villages, the most famous of which is of course the route that takes place in the Chianti region, one of the most favorite red wines of the Israeli palate is also named after him, and the one that passes through the beautiful city of Montalcino, which is a destination in itself that should not be missed. For dessert, visit the old town of Montepulciano and its picturesque wineries that produce relatively light wines that will be a successful end to the enjoyable tour.

As you can see, there are many types of particularly enjoyable vacations that the boot country offers to its visitors. In this article there are three recommended itineraries, but this is only the tip of the fork as they say – Italy is a wonderful destination that can be enjoyed in any season of the year, in any vehicle and on almost any budget.

So what have we had so far?

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