Venice Islands

A short boat ride away from the city bustle of St. Mark’s Square is Venice at its most authentic, peaceful and special. In the tame and colorful islands of Venice, the true pearls of the city are revealed to them, from verdant vineyards and traditional fishing houses to pastoral beaches and picturesque buildings. This is a magical area, which the masses have not yet reached. Each island has its own identity and history. You can take organized tours to the various islands through the hotels or the local tourist agencies, you can also come independently.


The largest island in the Venetian lagoon. The place is known mainly for its vegetation and crops, and therefore it is also called the “Garden of Venice”. Unlike the other islands, the island is inhabited by many residents, mainly farmers. The land in its territory is used to grow peas, asparagus, figs and the most famous are the purple artichokes. All produce is sold at the Rialto market in Venice. The island is a great place to have a relaxing picnic or a bike ride on the beautiful roads in the area. Also, two festive festivals are held on the island every year, one is the artichoke festival held in May and the other is the ancient boat race (Sant’Erasmo Regatta) held every June.
The island can be reached by water bus (Vaporetto), lines number 3 or 13 departing from Fondamenta Nove.

Lazzaretto Nuovo

A small island located right next to Sant’Erasmo. The island played an important role in saving the city in the Middle Ages, when it served as a place of refuge during the Black Plague and helped prevent the spread of the disease. Under the Napoleonic rule, hundreds of years later, the island was used as a military property and you can still see fortifications from that period. On the island there are guided tours about the history of the place that you will have to close in advance, they will also organize transportation for you to the place.

San Michelle

An island known for its picturesque cemeteries. The special architectures were built at the beginning of the 19th century, with the aim of burying the dead away from the city. Funerals were held on sea voyages on luxurious gondolas. Generals and important figures from the First World War are buried on the island. The island is also home to a beautiful and ancient church, the first built during the Renaissance – Chiesa di San Michele.
You can reach the island by water bus (Vaporetto), lines number 41 or 42 departing from Fondamenta Nove.

טיול איים בוונציה


Venice’s most famous island, due to the international film festival it hosts every summer. The island is divided into 3 parts: the island itself, the place where the famous festival is held every year, Malamocco (which served as the home of the famous Doge in Venice) and Alberoni (Alberoni) – an area of ​​a golf course. In addition, the island has a long and spectacular stretch of beach overlooking the Adriatic Sea. If you’re already in the area, don’t miss a visit to the ancient Jewish cemetery and a cruise on the historic yacht (the Relais Alberti hotel organizes the tours).
You can reach the island by water bus (Vaporetto) departing from Fondamenta Nove (almost all lines are relevant).


The closest island to the city of Venice itself. The island of Moreno is known throughout the world for its thriving glass industry, which began as early as the 13th century. The fear of an outbreak of fires led the Italians in the area to establish the production plants on the island, instead of in the city itself. During the Middle Ages, the island was the largest glass producer in Europe and supplied products to the entire continent. Today you can find various and colorful glass creations such as chandeliers, ornaments, lamps and kitchen utensils in the many shops in the area. The place also has a nice selection of cafes, restaurants and spectacular viewpoints. If you’re already there, don’t miss a tour of the Glass Museum (Museo del Vetro), where you can learn about the local production process and see it for yourself.
Moreno can be reached by water bus (Vaporetto) departing from Fondamenta Nove (lines 12, 13, 41, 42).


To the north of Moreno Island, lies the wonderful fishing island of Borno. Borno contains hundreds of colorful and beautiful houses, which is why it has often won the title “the most colorful place in the world”. It is widely believed that the houses on the island were painted hundreds of years ago, in order to help fishermen navigate the sea in difficult foggy times. In addition, Borno is known for its traditional lace industry, which has existed there since the 16th century. You can purchase unique lace products there that cannot be found anywhere else. If you visit the island, it is recommended to visit the museum in its center, Museo del Merletto, where you can learn about the artistic tradition of the place. Take the tour of the local fish risotto, Risotto alla Buranella, in one of the excellent restaurants in the area.
Borno can be reached by water bus (Vaporetto), line number 12, departing from Fondamenta Nove.


A short distance, crossing a wooden bridge from the island of Borno, is a small island that is a real gem. Here is the best wine resort in the area (Venissa Wine Resort), inside an ancient tower from the 13th century. The place grows the famous grape variety of the place – Dorona golden grape, from which they used to make wine for the kings of the Doge. The island is particularly calm and peaceful, it is possible and desirable to wander around it independently. Also, it is highly recommended to hold wine tastings there and dine at the Michelin restaurant on site.


A pastoral and quiet island, which began to be inhabited as early as the fifth century AD. The island of Torslo is an important religious center due to its ancient cathedral, which is also the main attraction of the island – Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. The cathedral was built in 639 and was the most important Christian stronghold until the establishment of the St. Mark’s Basilica in the city. You will be able to admire the beautiful Byzantine design, covered with special mosaic pieces.
Torsello can be reached by water bus (Vaporetto), lines number 12 or 9, departing from Fondamenta Nove.

Many travelers usually combine a visit to the three islands, Torslo, Borno and Moreno, with an organized day trip by motor boat. There is a diverse offer of trips, which change in times, in the points of interest and in the duration of the trip. Their price is usually 20 euros for an adult and 10 euros for a child.

Isola Santa Cristina

A private vacation island, open only to resort vacationers. If you book accommodation, transportation to the place will be arranged for you. The nature in the place is especially wild and green. The island is spectacular in its beauty and abundant in vineyards, fishing spots and wild animals that roam freely such as flamingos, peacocks and various birds. The resort is family owned and advocates organic eating and preserving the environment. Sometimes yoga classes are held in the nature, against the backdrop of a breathtaking view.

San Francesco del Deserto

Surrounded by green trees and palms, is the ideal refuge of the city of Venice. The island is less popular among travelers, particularly quiet and isolated. It is best known for its Franciscan monastery, an ancient relic preserved from the 13th century. The island can only be reached by private means of transport, a boat trip can be arranged from the neighboring island, Burano.

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