Car Rental in Venice

If you’ve been thinking about a vacation for several months and this time it’s more clear to you than ever that the destination is Italy – you’re right! If there is a place where you can always enjoy yourself in all respects, it is Italy. Okay, there may be other places, but let’s be honest with ourselves – we are on a website about Italy. What’s more, as in your previous trips to the land of the boot, if you had any, this time too it would be worthwhile to focus on one area, and if you haven’t had the chance to see Venice yet, now is the right time. Venice is the most romantic and beautiful city in the world according to many, but this is also exactly its problem, as it is almost always packed with tourists. That is why it is highly recommended not only to travel in Venice itself, but also to rent a car and travel around the city near and far. Still, because the views and places to see are truly endless, it is also advisable to limit yourself in advance to the number of destinations and places even before you set off, because a trip in a rented car in the Venice area can last for weeks. On the other hand, even if you only have one week, you can see a lot of lovely places. Confused? No reason. We will explain everything right away.

car rentals in venice

Just before taking the rental car – you should enter the city

Even if you haven’t been to Venice yet, you surely know how to tell that it is a romantic city that is built entirely on canals and consists of many islands. This means that if you thought for a moment about entering here with the vehicle, the answer is unequivocally: no. Simply because there are no roads. You can choose between two different options: park the rental car at the entrance to the city and enter on foot or simply pick up the rental car after your visit to the city. Venice is a charming but tiny city, so you can wander around it for a whole day and at the end get in the car and drive to other charming places in the area. You can pick up your car either at the rental company branch closest to the city or from the airport, and everything depends on your trip planning.

Where do you go from here?

One of the most beautiful places you can go to after your visit to Venice is the city of Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. It is a journey of about an hour and a half to cover the distance of about 120 km that separates the cities. On the way it would be worthwhile to stop in the city of Padova, because like in any other Italian city, here too you can enjoy an impressive and beautiful ancient center that is worth a visit. After visiting Verona, you can choose whether to go to Milan with your rental car or combine a visit to some of the most beautiful lakes in the country. In practice, the distance between Venice and Lago Maggire, which is the most famous lake in the region, is about 350 km , that is, about a 4 hour drive. For many Israelis, this is a very long distance, simply because we are not used to such distances, but when you drive on the highways of Italy, it can be a particularly pleasant experience. Of course, if you get to the Lago Maggire area, you can extend the trip and visit all the other lakes in the area, so as we already said – the sky is the limit.

Small tips that can affect your trip in a big way

If this is the first time you are going to rent a car in Italy, it is highly recommended to check how you do it. I mean, there are some important things to know, like the fact that in Italy the default is a car with a manual transmission. This means that when picking up the vehicle (or better – when placing the order) you must make sure you choose the right vehicle for you, if you want a vehicle with an automatic transmission. In addition, if for a moment you thought it would be better to save and not take out all the required insurances, you should think twice. Do you really want to get into trouble in Italy without insurance? Do you really want to see yourself stuck without a tow truck that can come and pressure you? The answer is of course an absolute no, so it is advisable to take out the comprehensive insurance offered by the rental companies just before you set off. Remember that almost every city in Italy has restrictions in terms of entering the heart of the old city with a rental car and the editor’s recommendation is not to use the Israeli method and say “it will be fine”, unless you want to be another unfortunate case who belongs to the statistics and received a report at the end of the dream vacation in the land of the boot. It is highly advisable to obey the instructions given to you by the car rental company regarding parking and entering the cities. Almost always the best option would be to park the car at the entrance to the city you are thinking of visiting and there are several reasons for this. First, many of us don’t like to drive in places we don’t know and it can be stressful, and second, it’s a shame to get involved with unnecessary fines. In most cities in Italy, and this is true whether you are traveling to the north, south or center, there is excellent public transport. Therefore, in places where you do not need the rental car, it would simply be better to leave it in a safe place and move in any other possible way that will not put you at risk and will not make your trip much more expensive.