Trattoria Pizzeria Da Mamo

Trattoria Pizzeria Da Mamo

San Marco

Trattoria Pizzeria Da Mammo is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Venice, but if you pass between the tables you will likely find people from all over the world there. This restaurant in the San Marco district, right next to the famous Rialto Bridge, attracts tourists from all corners of the globe. The reason for this popularity is related to the fact that at Beda Mammo you can have a real Venetian meal, in a pleasant atmosphere and with good service – and still leave with a reasonable bill.

The menu, as you can understand from the name, is divided between pizzas and other Italian dishes. And the interesting part is that the long pizza menu starts with 12 pizzas – each dedicated to a different fortune. There is a lamb pizza and a Libra pizza as well as a Taurus and a Virgo. And in addition, more classic pizzas, calzones, and other pastries.

On the regular menu, you can find appetizers such as octopus, bruschetta, or Caprese salad. For starters, there are artichoke ravioli, spaghetti a la carbonara, and Bosra – which are potato dumplings.

The main thing is of course the main part. So there you can go with pizzas or decide between grilled sea bass, grilled entrecote, or beef fillet in Amarone sauce.

Vegetarians? You will have no problem with the menu and there are many options without meat and fish.

It is hard to imagine a meal in a place like this, with such a pleasant atmosphere, without at least one glass of wine, indeed the wine menu of Trattoria Pizzeria da Mammo is long and comprehensive. You can order a glass of wine from the area’s vineyards or go wild and go for a whole bottle. If you are not a fan of wine and still want to wet your throat, there are also beers and other types of spirits.

It is possible and even advisable to reserve a place in advance. What happens if there is no place, you can order and pick up and then eat in front of the view of the nearby Grand Canal? Trattoria Pizzeria Da Mammo is open every day of the week and is probably the restaurant with the strangest opening hours. It opens at 12:15 until 14:55. Why not round up and open until 15:00? mystery. Dinner is served between 19:00 and 22:15.

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