Car Rental in Verona

If until now your trips have focused on the cities themselves, here’s an offer you can’t refuse – after you’ve been to Rome , Florence and maybe even Milan , you should broaden your horizons in the direction of a slightly different trip on your next trip to the land of the boot. One of the best recommendations you can get is to take a flight to Verona , which is in the Veneto region in the north of the country (there are direct flights there in certain seasons of the year) and take a rental car. If you have a rental car, you can enjoy, on the one hand, a visit to the magical city of Romeo and Juliet , but on the other hand, you can also go out, tour the area and get to know the most beautiful places in northern Italy . In terms of seasons, the Verona area always welcomes tourists with beautiful views, so whether you like the cold or the heat, Verona is a successful destination. 

car rental in verona

A short trip you won’t regret 

One of the best recommendations for trips in the area of ​​Verona is to take the rental car after visiting the city and drive a distance of about 73 km to Lago Di Garda. It is a journey of about an hour and a half and at the end you will reach the most famous lake in the country. The lake is beautiful In all seasons, but if you come here in the spring or summer, you can enjoy, among other things, the water itself and types of marine activities. It is interesting to see that this trip is suitable not only for a romantic couple who wants to rest and relax, but also for entire families. Therefore, it does not matter who you come with on this trip – The main thing is that you arrive. You can park the car at the lake itself, but you should also go around it, as part of the beauty lies in driving around it and simply enjoying its magical view. 

Day trip to Venice 

People who arrive for the first time in their lives in the northern region of Italy want, and rightly so, to see Venice as well . Venice is perhaps the most romantic city in the entire world, so if you have already arrived in Verona and rented a car, why not invest a little and drive to Venice as well? The distance between Verona and Venice is about 116 km, that is, within an hour and a half of driving you will reach one of the most special cities in Italy. Although you will not be able to enter the territory of the floating city with your rental car (because there simply aren’t too many roads there. ..) However, there are enough places outside the city where you can park your car. It is also possible to get from Verona to Venice by train, but if it is important to you to enjoy the fact that you are not dependent on anyone and during the train’s operating hours, driving a private car is a great solution. 

What insurances should you take when renting a car in Verona? 

The truth is, if you do a short search on the subject, you will find that there are quite a few world-renowned car rental companies that also operate in the Verona area, as in other central areas of Italy. This means that it is definitely worth checking which company you choose and what exactly it has to offer you. Also, there is quite a bit of competition between the different rental companies, which often leads to special offers that try to prey on your pocket. It is very important to take into account that the prices you see are often not the final prices. You will almost always have to add different payments for another driver and for different insurances. Remember: although there is a temptation to choose the company that gives the best price available and despite the desire to save, the last place you want to do this is on the insurance, and preferably it should be as comprehensive as possible. This way you will be freed from the worry about the question of what you will do if you have a flat tire or any other malfunction. Another little tip that you should take with you on the road is the fact that it is highly desirable to make the car reservation online, and it is also better to do it as far in advance as possible. During the tourist seasons it may be difficult to get a car for the dates you need, simply because there is a lot of traffic. Therefore, it is advisable to take care of this in advance and thus be sure that you will have a car and that the trip will take place exactly as you planned. 

Where do you park in Verona? 

Whether you intend to enter the city with your rental car or whether you are thinking of driving it mainly to all the places outside the city, there is another important issue and that is parking. The parking policy in Italian cities (and in Europe in general) can be tough, even when it comes to a rented car, and if you park in prohibited places, not only can you end the trip with a large fine that will arrive in the mail after you’ve even forgotten you were in Italy, but your car may also be towed. not nice. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check that you understand the instructions and the laws. There is no lack of tourists who returned from wonderful trips in Italy and after a long time received very large fines at home, so it is desirable to do everything to avoid this. In addition, if you have questions on this topic, you can ask the representative who will give you the rental car. In most cases at the car rental companies you will meet Italians who speak English so there is no problem communicating with them well even if you do not speak Italian. Also, if you want to ensure that your trip to Verona does not include wasting time because you took the wrong path, We recommend that you also add a built-in navigation system to your car rental. It is true that we all have navigation systems on mobile phones as well, but not every mountainside in Italy has reception, so it is better to have a backup for this matter.