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A 4-star hotel in a successful location in the historic city of Verona. With classic rooms, breakfast and bar
Very indulgent
A guest house with spacious and well-equipped rooms in an excellent location in the heart of Verona. with private kitchen and breakfast
Very indulgent
A 3-star hotel that offers rooms and apartments, not far from the Arena of Verona. Suitable for groups and families
Pampering for the price
A guesthouse in an excellent location in the city center. With decorated rooms suitable for couples, families and large groups
Pampering for the price
Bed and Breakfast in the city center and near major sites that offers comfortable rooms and breakfast
A bed and breakfast located about a quarter of an hour’s walk from the heart of the tourist area and offers renovated and spacious guest rooms with a private balcony and full equipment
Basic level hosting
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The city of Verona is best known for being the city of Romeo and Juliet. You know, the ones from Shakespeare’s play. Shakespeare wrote the play itself in Malibu, but today dozens of attractions and points of interest in the northern Italian city are dedicated to the most famous couple in the theater world. Although Verona is not a sought-after destination by tourists visiting the land of the boot like Milan , Rome or Florence , it also has a lot to offer and attracts many thousands of visitors throughout the year. The location of Verona, in the center of northern Italy, is also an ideal starting point for exploring this beautiful region, which even conquered Hannibal.

However, don’t think that due to Verona’s low demand compared to other Italian cities (let’s face it, it’s really hard to compete with their branding), it’s a less interesting or beautiful city than them. It is one of the oldest cities in Italy, and was founded only about two hundred years after Rome itself (in the sixth century BC). It is steeped in magnificent palaces (and a famous fortress) and historical sites, and its Jewish history is one of the richest in all of Italy. 

In short, Verona is not just another destination to put a V on. If you are planning to come to Northern Italy, don’t let yourself miss it. You probably won’t regret it.

Where should you sleep in Verona?

There is no doubt that if you want to experience Verona for the first time, or if it is another visit but you want to experience everything the city has to offer its visitors, you are recommended to stay in the old center (Centro Storico) , the old part of the city that you will find in most cities and towns of the land of the boot . This is the historical (but still definitely pulsating) heart of the city, where most of its tourist sites are concentrated. The oldest square in the city is Piazza dell Erbe, and it is located in the ancient forum of Verona (similar to the Roman forum near the Colosseum). 

This is the place to look for a hotel or guest house if you want to be close to everything and everyone, and know that you won’t miss anything. Keep in mind that this is a popular tourist area, so it will be relatively lively and noisy during most hours of the day. In addition, also due to the demand, the accommodation prices in this area will be relatively expensive, certainly compared to the neighborhoods further away from the ancient center. 

If you come to Verona with the family, the historic center may not suit you. The hustle and bustle, the crowding and the alleys can burden those traveling with children or in a large group. For those, the recommendation is to go to the Borgo Trento neighborhood , located north and near the ancient center, across the Adige river. Its proximity to the main attractions of the city, together with the calmer atmosphere that characterizes it and the parks it has, make it ideal for travelers in a family composition.

Exactly for the opposite audience, that is, those who are looking to enjoy a lively nightlife in addition to the cultural and historical wealth of the city, the recommended area for choosing a place to stay is the Porta Nuova neighborhood . Besides the fact that the neighborhood includes many museums and the city’s main train station, you can find plenty of pubs and restaurants to boost your evenings in Verona. The neighborhood is located a little south of the ancient center, so you have nothing to fear that you might be far from the center of things.

And finally, for those looking for a guesthouse or another cheap place to stay, the appropriate part of the city is Veronetta . This neighborhood is on the eastern bank of the Adige River, just opposite the ancient center. It is connected to it by several bridges, so you can walk between it and the center. The neighborhood is home to many students, immigrants and families living in Verona, and most of the accommodations there are suitable for a relatively low budget. In addition, the human diversity of the neighborhood will ensure that you will not be bored.

When should you go to Verona?

As everywhere, certainly in Europe, the peak season for tourism in Verona comes in the summer months, i.e. July and August. Although the load is probably lower than in other cities in Italy, the dramatic increase in the number of tourists is definitely felt in the city. The main attractions are crowded, and it is likely that you will have to wait quite a bit in lines. The increase in demand is also the reason for the significant increase in the prices of hotels and guesthouses during this period, as well as the prices of attractions and flights. If you choose to come to Verona in the summer, keep in mind that you will have to pay more and crowd with many tourists in order to experience this charming city.

The transitional seasons, namely the months of April and May and September and October, are probably the perfect time to visit Verona. The weather is comfortable, the number of travelers is significantly lower compared to the summer and allows more breathing space, and accordingly the hotel prices are more affordable. 

If you are willing to make an effort and adapt yourself to the winter of northern Italy, visiting the city in the winter months (November to February) will guarantee you the possibility of finding affordable deals and a wildly romantic experience when the city of Romeo and Juliet is covered in snow. Of course, there is an exception to this rule in the Christmas period, when many tourists visit the city and its markets, but before and after it you can find the best value packages.