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If you’re coming to Verona soon and are looking for a restaurant to eat a perfect Italian meal, you’ve won! Darì Ristorante & Enoteca is the new restaurant of Corinna and Giuliano. Owners of the celebrated Cangrande Ristorante & Enoteca are considered one of the best restaurants in Verona.

In 2019, Corinna and Giuliano founded the Dari restaurant offering their customers the best dining experience. The restaurant combines several intimate spaces and a magical garden for seating on summer days. It’s in a quiet alley near the Arena of Verona, inside a beautiful historical building from the 19th century. Months were invested in the design of the restaurant rooms, resulting in a colorful and fascinating ambiance.

The restaurant menu offers gourmet dishes from classic Italian cuisine, inspired by modern haute cuisine. The dishes are made with quality raw materials, including seafood, meats, cheeses, and vegetables. These all came from farms and local suppliers in daily supply, so freshness is the primary ingredient in every dish.

Among the dishes, you will find:

  • Ragout with seafood
  • Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach
  • Classic lasagna bolognese
  • Roast beef with rosemary seasoning
  • Duck in confit, and more.

The Dari restaurant also boasts an excellent dessert menu and offers the best local and international wines. The service at Dari is considered fantastic. However, the price is quite expensive. But the extraordinary dining experience that the restaurant offers make them worthwhile. It is highly recommended to reserve a place in advance, especially during the period when the annual opera festival takes place in the Arena of Verona because then the chance of finding a free spot in Dari tends to zero.

Also, it is worthwhile to devote a few hours to the restaurant (at least two hours) to enjoy an authentic Italian meal that includes several dishes, dessert, and liqueur to end the meal.

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Lunch / Dinner / Drinks / Desserts

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in and out


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