La Griglia

La Grillia

heart of the city

The Arena of Verona is one of its most popular attractions. The vast and impressive arena will soon celebrate 2,000 years since its establishment. It is still used as a stage for concerts, operas, and live performances.

A few tens of meters from the arena is the restaurant La Griglia (literally translated – as the chain of the grill). It is considered one of the best meat restaurants in northern Italy, and one of the best restaurants in Verona itself.

La Griglia’s menu features prime cuts sourced from boutique farms and local purveyors. Seared to perfection in one of the restaurant’s two massive grill ovens. The large pieces come accompanied by herbs and sauces that emphasize the richness of the flavors of each piece and complement it.

The cuts menu includes juicy steaks, including a Florentine steak of enormous dimensions and weight (between 800 and 1,200 grams!) and fillet steak with truffle mushrooms, Catalan beef tartare, ribs, and more.

The restaurant also serves good traditional Italian food.  This includes handmade pasta filled with rich sauces, gnocchi drowning in divine cheese sauces, and fresh salads.  Also, dishes topped with fine cheeses, a sausage variety of fabulous creamy desserts produced on-site, and more.

The place receives positive reviews and exceptionally high scores on various rating sites. Thanks to the excellent and professional service of the waiters, who help the diners have an exceptional and satisfying culinary experience. Matching the wines to the dishes, detailed explanations about each portion and the place it came from, etc.

Despite its high quality, La Griglia maintains average prices that make eating in the restaurant even more satisfying – a meal for two that includes an appetizer, two main courses, a bottle of wine, and two cups of coffee will cost around 70 euros.

The elegant restaurant is housed in a 19th-century building and has indoor and outdoor seating. It is highly recommended to make a reservation to ensure that you do not miss your next wonderful meat meal. The restaurant operates during the lunch hours and, after resting for a few hours. Then returns to work from early evening until late at night and is suitable for all types and groups of diners.

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