Zio Lele

Zio Lele

Verona neighborhood

It is known that the best pizza in the world is in Italy. Visiting an authentic Italian pizzeria is a must, even a mitzvah. If you were in Italy and didn’t eat pizza, have you been to Italy?

This Lela Pizzeria – is probably the place with the cutest name in the world.  The kind of place that tourists and locals love. It offers over fifty different toppings – cheeses, vegetables of all types and styles, fish, excellent sausages of various kinds of meat, and more.

Everything is fresh, prepared on the spot, and served over different types of dough with different sauces. Vegans and those avoiding gluten will also find incredibly delicious options there.

What exciting combinations await you at the pizzeria?

  • Curry potato pizza with cheese, prosciutto with mushrooms
  • Roasted vegetables, chicory
  • Gorgonzola cheese, tuna, and onion, arugula leaves with spicy cheese

And countless other beautiful combinations of fresh and colorful toppings that turn the pizza into a mini gourmet meal.

If you’ve had your fill of pizzas at Zio Lele, you’ll also enjoy croissants served with cheese, sausage, fresh leaves, and lasagna. Pantone – a kind of delicious hybrid between cake and bread that comes with tasty toppings like pistachio cream and hazelnut cream, muffins. Homemade cakes and cookies, decadent cream desserts, and more.

Of course, you can’t enjoy pizza without something cold and refreshing next to it. The refrigerators at Zio Lele are full of cold and delicious Italian beers. It upgrades every carbohydrate and will get to know you a little more closely about the preferences of the locals.

The pizzas are sold by weight, so you can vary and taste several types of pizzas. The prices for a standard square vary between 2 and 4 euros. So these are affordable prices that allow for a week without paying too much.

It is an entirely delicious experience with an authentic Italian vibe that is highly recommended to combine with all the tourist attractions.

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Restaurant Theme:

Fast food - pizzas and pastries

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in and out


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+39 351 874 4330‎

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